How Integrations Enable Better Decisions

Wed, Mar 15, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

To get ahead in a competitive business world, it is vital to have a communications infrastructure that is user-intuitive, and that can keep up with your company’s pace and agility. Technology advancements made in recent years are enabling business leaders to make smarter, well-informed decisions faster – by means of application integration.

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Overcome Internal Email Overload

Wed, Mar 08, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

In today’s fast paced work culture, with a greater number of employees operating out of office on irregular schedules to accommodate the completion of projects, we’ve become increasingly more reliant on web-based communications. The reality is, employees aren’t always guaranteed face-to-face, in person contact with their co-workers or superiors on a predictable basis – we therefore turn to email to fulfil this need.

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Managing Flat IT Budgets & Increased Workload

Fri, Mar 03, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

Median IT budgets for 2017 are not looking as promising or optimistic as we’d hoped. In fact, according to a survey conducted by CEB Inc this past October, budgets are expected to remain flat – how can companies stay efficient while managing a steadily increasing workload under such tight conditions?

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Boost Employee Collaboration With Unified Communications

Thu, Feb 23, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

When the season is at its busiest, modernizing your company’s telecommunications channels might be the last thing on your mind. You fear there’s too much to get done, and that ushering employees into a new routine will do more harm than good. You’re convinced this isn’t a good time for making amendments, and continue relying on basic e-mail or the outdated PBX system your company is most familiar with.

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Free your time: Automate it

Thu, Feb 16, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

Pick up the handset - key press - key press - key press… - Click log - close file. A simple action of calling a prospect and logging the call in your CRM. Took you about 30 seconds, not counting your call and note time. Not too long, right?

Let's multiply that number by 60 calls, then 5 days, then another 5 Sales Executives: 12.5 hours, still not a large number, let's bring it into numbers we understand better; multiply this number by (avg.) $25 per hour: $312.50, times that by 52 weeks: $16,250.
Quite a hefty number now.

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Unified Communications: Moving Beyond Basic And Advanced Call Features

Wed, Feb 08, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

As technology evolves, businesses have the opportunity to reap the rewards – opting for faster, more reliable methods for communication. There hasn’t been a better time to break away from traditional PBX systems in favour of something more integrated.

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4 Reasons that Businesses Need Smartphone Devices

Wed, Mar 16, 2016 / by Natasha Kee

The line between work life and personal life is constantly being blurred, as employees strive to complete work during all hours of the day. Businesses are shying away from the traditional nine to five and moving towards more flexible work hours and more flexible work “places”. The ability to work on the go has become the standard, and more in demand. It’s become increasingly more common for companies to provide their employees with a business smartphone and here are the biggest reasons why:

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Protect Your VoIP Phone System Security With Remote Monitoring

Wed, Mar 02, 2016 / by Claudio Nespeca

Network and VoIP phone security has gone from a looming concern to a high priority for most large companies. The more sensitive data we send over the Internet and internal networks, the more risks there are associated with cyber assaults. When some of the most secure databases in the world are being attacked—those guarded carefully by leading businesses and their consultants—the question of how to implement and budget for the proper safeguards is a big one. For telecommunications, one solution comes in the form of Remote Monitoring.

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How your hosted VOIP system could improve your customer acquisition

Wed, Feb 17, 2016 / by Natasha Kee

Acquiring new customers is the primary core of most business models. Advanced voice systems allow for features that can improve customer acquisition by creating a seamless and streamlined experience for the sales team. These features allow for a more effective execution when contacting leads:

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Why Telecommuting Is Looking Better Than Ever

Wed, Feb 03, 2016 / by Claudio Nespeca

Many companies are starting to doubt the virtues of the mobile workforce with HP, Yahoo! and a few others calling hundreds of employees back into the office. But was it the right move?

These tech giants, and those who have followed, may be reacting too soon to what some have called a "disengaged workforce." The known benefits of telecommuting seem as desirable as ever as businesses look to add value and increase ROI wherever possible.

Even when measured against the perks of working in-house, telecommuting seems to have the edge with enterprise-level cloud telecom now available to businesses of all sizes and their remote teams.

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