4 Reasons that Businesses Need Smartphone Devices

Wed, Mar 16, 2016 / by Natasha Kee

smartphone-for-business.jpgThe line between work life and personal life is constantly being blurred, as employees strive to complete work during all hours of the day. Businesses are shying away from the traditional nine to five and moving towards more flexible work hours and more flexible work “places”. The ability to work on the go has become the standard, and more in demand. It’s become increasingly more common for companies to provide their employees with a business smartphone and here are the biggest reasons why:

Mobilize your team

Employees that frequently travel should be reachable in order to service customers. In today’s online culture, customers and employees are expecting rapid responses to their needs. A smartphone in an employee’s hand will give you an advantage over your competition, by allowing them to respond instantly from wherever they are.

On-Call IT

Tech issues don’t wait for tech support to be in the office to fix it, they can happen at any time of the day. Having a tech support cell phone for after-hours response is advantageous even if it’s only one phone to be used in rotation. This would provide better remote customer support and monitoring of your support effort.

User-friendly features are easier

These days, the workforce is very web and mobile savvy especially when it comes to dealing with smartphones. They are often more knowledgeable in using their smartphone’s interface than they are using an office phone, which increases adoption and productivity.

Advanced smartphone features make work streamlined

There is nothing quite as portable and quite as powerful as a smartphone. With more and more of our documents and work software becoming hosted on the cloud, smartphones become a portal to access all of those documents on the go.

If your business doesn’t have a smartphone policy in place, you’re already behind. It hasn’t taken long for smartphones to go from being supplementary to necessary in the business world. Having workers provided with these devices means that the business can continue to evolve with the increasingly popular work need for mobile employees.

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