High cell phone expenses? Here's what your business can do.

Wed, Jul 10, 2013 / by Claudio Nespeca

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With dynamic smartphones on the market it’s no surprise that cellular devices are so popular. By providing anywhere-anytime web browsing, email, video and text communications, they have quickly gone from consumer novelties to business essentials.

But mobile communication comes at a considerable cost. It’s very easy for overage charges to add up on a rigid cellular plan. Between roaming charges, overage minutes or texts, and limited data, monthly bills can be surprising. Not to mention the few guarantees and even less customer service for which most carriers are known.

Cellular plans leave businesses to either accept unfair phone bills or lose out on an important communications tool. Thankfully, businesses can start looking into a third option — the growing selection of mobile VOIP applications.

The mobile VOIP option

Many Hosted VOIP providers offer mobile applications that give you a sustainable alternative to high-cost, low-value carrier plans. In short, you can transform your everyday smartphone into a portable extension of your office network with a simple VOIP application.

Instead of sending voice signals through your carrier’s network, voice data can be sent through the web, reducing the call costs and plan restrictions. Calls can be made through a 3G or WiFi connection (WiFi calls are practically free).

Fully Developed Software: Bria softphones by CounterPath

Robust softphone applications like Bria make the benefits of VOIP downloadable to your smartphone. It’s as easy as a visit to the app store. And it’s not just a workaround. It does more than change the way you send call data—it also becomes an extension of your phone’s interface. It is a feature-rich, user-friendly phone software.

The developers prioritize compatibility and user experience to make business-wide adoption quick and painless. It works on both iPhones, Androids and Blackberry (PCs, Macs and some tablets as well) with many useful standard features, advanced security and downloadable add-ons.

Some of Bria’s Features:
  • Call Display
  • Call Recording
  • 3-way Calling
  • Call Merge/Split
  • Call History
  • Voicemail
  • Speakerphone, Mute & Hold
It’s comprehensive. it’s easy to use. And it can save you money.

Ways to save with mobile VOIP

The ability to make calls via the Internet can increase your ROI in numerous ways. Some pinpoint expensive charges and reduce them, like long distance charges. Others trim down your overage costs by saving your carrier-plan minutes or data through WiFi calling. Here is each way you can save through mobile VOIP:

Free In-Network Long Distance
While using your VOIP application, long distance charges are measured differently. Depending on your VOIP provider, long distance calls are free to phones within the same network and reduced for regular calls.

No More Roaming
One of the biggest advantages of a business cell phone - communicating while traveling - is nullified by roaming charges. If you use your regular voice plan while traveling to other countries you will be penalized with expensive fees. Mobile VOIP allows you to bring and use your phone anywhere without roaming charges and reduced long distance charges.

Save Your Minutes
Wifi hotspots give you a chance to make VOIP calls for free from your cell phone. You won’t tap into your data quota or waste your minutes. This is a simple way to curb your phone usage and remain within the limits of your carrier’s plan. Or, use your extra data to make calls to save call minutes.

Data Only Plans
With a reliable VOIP app you can consider moving towards a data-only plan with your carrier. This way you won’t have to pay for a voice plan at all. All your calls will be made through the Internet via 3G or WiFi. This will eliminate the concern of overage minutes altogether.

Link Your Mobile Employees
Hosted VOIP networks make it easy to add mobile extensions and keep your staff connected. Usually, all it takes is the addition of the extension and the VOIP app. Anywhere an employee goes, they can be reached as if they never left their desk.

Until carriers redevelop their B2B cellular service, mobile VOIP will continue to be the best choice for commercial cell phone users. Mobile VOIP apps are adaptable, affordable and accessible to anyone with a smartphone—an all around improvement. By offering different rates and ways around using your strict cellular plans, VOIP smartphones change the rules of working on the move.



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