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Thu, Feb 16, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

integrate.jpgPick up the handset - key press - key press - key press… - Click log - close file. A simple action of calling a prospect and logging the call in your CRM. Took you about 30 seconds, not counting your call and note time. Not too long, right?

Let's multiply that number by 60 calls, then 5 days, then another 5 Sales Executives: 12.5 hours, still not a large number, let's bring it into numbers we understand better; multiply this number by (avg.) $25 per hour: $312.50, times that by 52 weeks: $16,250.
Quite a hefty number now.

You can save on that amount per year! (You're probably calling it heresay and key-pressing the fraud department right now).

But it is possible. Three words

Click-to-dial or one word. Integration.

As the assembly line was to Henry Ford, we must look at Integration as our modern-day conveyor belt. Simplifying and automating tasks, letting our programs take care of the menial tasks. This drives us to higher level tasks which produce the real dollars.

There are many kinds of automation and a huge API community available that works to link your software and systems together. Simple connections that can be setup with a click, or larger integrations that require in-depth consultation. So, what is the first step?

Look at the details and ask yourself;

What are the repetitive tasks in your or your teams daily cadence?

What tasks bore you?

What areas are bottlenecks?

Then look to your service providers or technology consultants to help you with the leg work. They understand the industry and know the tools available to assist. Let them know the problem, they have a vested interest to come up with a solution.

A well-built integration can scale with your business giving you increased operational efficiency over the life of your business. Build the efficiency now and see your returns grow.

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