How Integrations Enable Better Decisions

Wed, Mar 15, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

decisions.pngTo get ahead in a competitive business world, it is vital to have a communications infrastructure that is user-intuitive, and that can keep up with your company’s pace and agility. Technology advancements made in recent years are enabling business leaders to make smarter, well-informed decisions faster – by means of application integration.

Application Integration (also known as Enterprise Application Integration, or EAI) is the task of making separate applications work together to produce a unified set of functionality; breaking the task of running multiple smaller business functions for easy implementation of the newest technologies, and quick adaptation to changing business needs. EAI specifically allows for the data or functions from one application program to join with that of another, creating a number of benefits.

Shared Data

EAI allows for the flow of information between applications, increasing efficiency. Not only does it enable employees to communicate and share files with more ease – it saves time, improves functionality, and gives employees more control over their experience. What’s more is integration also creates a single point of access to data and to updated files for the people who need them. When information is streamlined and organized, decision makers are put in a position of confidence where they’re able to recognize and respond to opportunities more quickly.


When file sharing can be done instinctively and immediately, regardless of which app one is working from, this automatically creates faster processes. It cuts out the middle route – of transferring files from one app to another before they can be retrieved by the opposite party. It also prevents unnecessary conversation breaks when they could be leading to important business decisions.

Furthermore, the data collected can be used to report on and manage information flow, which is of high importance to marketers for example and other professionals when they’re analyzing campaigns or the progress of a project to see whether it is yielding satisfactory results.

Customer Service

Not only does the internal communication between team members become more effective with EAI, it improves with potential customers and clients as well. Support starts to be viewed by customers in a more positive light as they feel their concerns are receiving adequate attention, while solutions are being offered quickly.


Application Integration has the capability of gathering a sufficient amount of data that better informs companies about which leads to pursue with a particular sales package. They can assist companies in addressing shifts in the market, with reputation management issues, supply chain disruption and more.

Application Integration (also known as Enterprise Application Integration, or EAI) is one dynamic feature of Unified Communications – a form of cloud-based software that offers organizations options; streamlining their telecommunications by bringing all the features needed to do business under one umbrella.

Boost your business to the top of its game, and remain a key player thanks to the ease of access and efficiency provided by modern technologies.

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