How your hosted VOIP system could improve your customer acquisition

Wed, Feb 17, 2016 / by Natasha Kee

customer acquisitionAcquiring new customers is the primary core of most business models. Advanced voice systems allow for features that can improve customer acquisition by creating a seamless and streamlined experience for the sales team. These features allow for a more effective execution when contacting leads:


Automated Dialer

Imagine a robot dialing through a list of numbers and finding you one that actually connects to a live person ready for you to sell to. Once that dialer reaches a live person, it’s automatically transferred to a ready sales rep or plays a recorded message. Instead of spending time dialing each number on a list and waiting to possibly get a prospective live person on the other line, an automated dialer means that you can get through more prospective customers faster, speeding through your customer acquisition process.


Call Recording

The ability to review recorded calls to see what tactics are working and what is driving your potential contact to conversion rate. If your sales are taking a dip it might be time to review your approach. Being able to circle back to how sales reps are presenting your product to clients over the phone might give indication of things that could be improved on in your approach.


CRM Integration

A phone system that is integrated to your CRM system (such as is infinitely useful. When a client calls, you can automatically pull up their profile information in your CRM to be able to converse with them in a more streamlined fashion. This helps keep your sales rep organized and up to date on the latest information of the individuals and companies they are talking to.

Technology and innovation is all about improving success rates. It is important to take advantage of all the ways your voice system can help you improve your customer acquisition because it could save you money. Hosted VOIP and hosted PBX can include higher end features associated with the service. VOIP systems allow a more integrated voice system meant to streamline many aspects of your business, such as customer acquisition.

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