Managing Flat IT Budgets & Increased Workload

Fri, Mar 03, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

flat-it-budgets.pngMedian IT budgets for 2017 are not looking as promising or optimistic as we’d hoped. In fact, according to a survey conducted by CEB Inc this past October, budgets are expected to remain flat – how can companies stay efficient while managing a steadily increasing workload under such tight conditions?

For many businesses, the largest portion of IT spend is directed toward the following: Data Center, Application Development, Application Support, and End-User Computing, claiming approximately 68% of IT resources. With budgets plateauing, companies need to take a hard look at current expenditure to eliminate low-value activities and under-utilized assets.


Leverage Cloud Services

An external cloud-based service provider takes care of the updates within the cloud, its own app development, and offers support where needed on their end. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for leasing and replacing expensive equipment. This creates space in the budget to allocate funds towards revenue-building initiatives and mission critical projects. For example switching to Hosted Voice over IP from traditional end-of-life On-Premise PBX systems has allowed companies to redirect their spending.


Streamline & Enhance Performance

Consolidate, centralize, modernize, and standardize your technologies through a single application and single provider for a range of services. On average, organizations spend 30 hours just consolidating asset inventory data whenever they prepare for a major audit; this demonstrates how many resources are wasted when each service a company uses is managed by a separate entity or supplier. Services like Unified Communications offer a number of powerful features for a single bill, one number to call for support and one network that gives employees access to voice, video, and instant messaging across mainstream mobile (tablets and phones) as well as computer based platforms (PCs and laptops).


Rethink CapEx

Some technologies such as your company’s telephony can be switched to pay as you go based on usage. This will eliminate the need to invest in capital expenditures as well as high maintenance and replacement costs. Investigate on other capital expenditures that your company could benefit from moving to an operational expense.


Make the Most of Financial Constraints

Where companies are observing cuts and stagnant IT budgets across the board, it is crucial to make the most of your resources. It’s time to take proactive route rather than a “wait and see” approach. As an IT leader you need to ensure costs reflect business priorities and move the organization forward to succeed in the market.Hosted VOIP Future

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