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Wed, Mar 08, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

internal-email.pngIn today’s fast paced work culture, with a greater number of employees operating out of office on irregular schedules to accommodate the completion of projects, we’ve become increasingly more reliant on web-based communications. The reality is, employees aren’t always guaranteed face-to-face, in person contact with their co-workers or superiors on a predictable basis – we therefore turn to email to fulfil this need.

While most people in business have access to email without complaint, communicating through this method alone can become precarious – especially for larger organizations. Workers are forced to spend at least an hour a day checking their inboxes and responding to messages when they could be pursuing more productive activities. Furthermore, with email there is the risk of missing an important communication, or being tardy in responding to something time-sensitive. Thankfully, introducing Unified Communications (UC) into your workplace can remedy many potential issues posed by internal e-mail overkill as three additional features working seamlessly together help to share the load.

Presence and IM

This feature provides employees with an all-encompassing view, showing them when other users are available, busy, in the office, or out of office – allowing them to better prioritize who they should contact and when. What’s more is they can keep others in the loop about their own progress by creating a status visible to all other users in the network – saving their coworkers the time they might spend crafting an email to check in for project related updates. The instant messaging (or chat feature) allows for quick and immediate conversations between teams; ideal for short reports, or sporadic brainstorming of ideas. Email then becomes designated for lengthier discussions or notices, and possibly more formal or significant communications.

Voice and Video Conferencing

When a conversation becomes electric and ideas start getting off the ground – it is important to keep the momentum. UC One offers the smooth transition from chat to conference; with high definition voice and video. For off-site collaboration this is paramount, and fosters the face-to-face relationship and connection that is beneficial to teams at every stage of an assignment.

Increased Mobility and Access from Any Device

Not everyone’s business e-mail can synchronize to their phone or private device; should an employee decide to forward work e-mails to their personal inbox, it only makes working more disorganized. With Unified Communications, employees are provided with options when on the go; with simple access to a comprehensive set of features including the seamless switch from one device (such as their personal computer) to another (like their smartphone). Moreover, they can begin a conference call on one device and switch to another instantaneously; irrespective of where they are physically located at the time.

Unified Communications takes the burden off your inbox; providing employees with different sets of tools for specific exchanges; freeing space, mobilizing and organizing your workforce, and ensuring no employee will miss an important email again.

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