Unified Communications: Moving Beyond Basic And Advanced Call Features

Wed, Feb 08, 2017 / by Claudio Nespeca

connectivity.jpgAs technology evolves, businesses have the opportunity to reap the rewards – opting for faster, more reliable methods for communication. There hasn’t been a better time to break away from traditional PBX systems in favour of something more integrated.

Hosted Unified Communications not only gives you access to basic and advanced voice call features such as quick and seamless transfers from within the cloud, it provides many additional features over and above those associated with traditional PBX functions; improving user-experience, productivity and efficiency.


One Number Advantage

The one number solution makes things simple and organized for both employee and client – regardless which device an employee answers from, they are answering from the same number as they would on site. It also eliminates the struggle of keeping track of multiple numbers and devices.


Do Business Anytime, Anywhere

This allows for the mobilisation of business. The possibilities become endless when your office travels with you – which also creates the potential for more flexible working hours. Say there is a three-hour time difference between you and a client and they require your teamwork on an assignment – employees now have the option of taking their work home as opposed to being held up at the workplace.


Enabling Teamwork

Furthermore, UC can create a more collaborative working environment. Employees can take advantage of instant messaging to shoot ideas past each other. File sharing, video calling, and conferencing from company offices across the country lets different divisions embark on national and international projects – creating a more unified and united office. This is also convenient for employees who spend a great deal of their work day on the move, or working from remote locations. Furthermore, having a globalized office will maintain brand consistency, and standards for customer service.


Support BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

The first of these is support for multiple device types. Unified Communications keeps employees connected through PCs, smartphones, even tablets. Those who are on the go can answer work calls remotely on any device, at any time. What’s more is that companies no longer need to invest expensive hardware like they would with a PBX; while also saving on operating costs with their UC plan. Even your employees’ smartphones can double as their business phone, saving you money. Consider the potential quotas a sales department could meet if they could make a sale on their way back to the office after a meeting, if they could be reached when away from their desk.


Unified Communications does more than make your business accessible from a cloud – it allows employees to access the cloud and all its features conveniently from their personal devices. Companies can more easily monitor consistency and progress; encouraging separate offices to think like one, while also offering their employees flexibility. Finally, it saves on costs and guarantees a faster return on your investment without the hassle associated with outdated alternatives.


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